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Wooden Passover Seder Plate - Peacocks

These stunning hand painted seder plates will bring a special touch to the Passover Seder Table. Designed in Israel by Yair Emanuel, these hand painted wooden seder plates are hand painted with vibrant designs and are the perfect gift for Pesach!

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This range of wooden seder plates are made in Israel by designer Yair Emanuel. Each plate comes with a large plate and six small bowls, that are painted with a matching design. The plates are hand painted with colorful designs, and finished with three coats of lacquer, so the plate can be hand washed when needed. 

The Passover Seder Plates are available in the following designs:

Oriental: Hand painted with a colorful oriental design, incorporating animals and plants from the Bible. The Large plate has painted circles labeled for each item to go on the seder plate.

Figures: A hand painted scene reminiscent of Chagall, with an embracing bride and groom and King David playing a harp, with a background of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Seven Species: Hand painted with a colorful design of the seven species of Israel: Figs, olives, pomegranates, wheat, barley, dates and grapes.

Peacocks: A theme taken from the Song of Songs; A flowing hand painted design of peacocks, deer, pomegranates and flowers

Jerusalem: Hand painted with the amazing architecture of the Holy City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem Oriental: Hand painted with a vibrant design of Jerusalem's arches, stone buildings and the surrounding hills.

The Exodus From Egypt: Hand painted with a vivid design of the Exodus of the Jewish People from Egypt, with the dramatic crossing of the Red Sea.

Jerusalem Star: Hand painted with a beautiful Jerusalem design. The saucer is painted with a star design in matching blue. 


Choose a matching Matzah Plate to complete your Passover Seder Table!

Additional Information

Material Hand Painted, Wood
Design for Config SP4
Weight-Product No
Size Regular
Measures 12.6" x 2" / 32cm x 5cm
Brand Yair Emanuel

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