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Women's Tallis


In our online judaica store you will find a beautiful range of prayer shawls for women.

Traditionally it was a Jewish custom for only men to wear a tallit, however in liberal Jewish communities there is there is a growing trend for women to also wear a tallit.

At jJudaica we have a beautiful selection of tallit for women. For tallit with a traditional design there are silk tallit that have stripes and an embroidered yoke. We have prayer shawls that celebrate a women's identity: these beautiful raw silk tallit that are embroidered with dancing women, and Miraim and the drum, as she lead the women in celebrating the redemption from Egypt.

Organza tallit that are light and delicate come in a range of pastel colors such as pink, gold, light purple and light blue. There is also a stunning range of raw silk prayer shawls from Yair Emanuel. These luxurious prayer shawls are made from raw silk and are decorated with appliqued designs such as the pomegranate and the Tree of Life.

A tallit makes the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, and we have the perfect bat mitzvah gift: a tallit set, where the tallit comes with a matching tallit bag and kippah.