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At jJudaica we have a stunning range of tallit to suit every taste. A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl that is worn during prayer. Traditionally, a tallit is made of woven wool, but here at jJudaica we also have a range of designer tallit that are made from exquisite materials such as silk or organza and embellished with embroidery. All of our tallits are made in Israel, by Israeli designers.

Essentially a prayer shawl is made up of a large piece of fabric, that has tzitzit - fringes on each of the four corners, and an atarah – yoke, where the tallit sits on the neck. Each tallit at jJudaica is unique; some have an embroidered atarah, some have embroiderd corners for the fringes, while other tallits have stripes or appliqué on the main section of the tallit.

In our silk tallit collection we have a range of traditional Jewish prayer shawls, modern prayer shawls for men and elaborate appliquéd silk tallits. These are perfect for both men and women and come in a range of colors and sizes to suit everyone.

We also have a special range tallit for women, that are designed with a feminine touch. Some of the beautiful prayer shawls in this range include raw silk tallits that are embroidered and appliquéd with beautiful themes such as the story of Miriam, from the Bible, the Tree of Life and pomegranates; a symbol of abundance and fertility. The elegant organza tallits by designer Yair Emanuel tallit are a delicate alternative to the traditional large tallit, and come in a range of pastel colors.

All of our prayer shawls come with matching bags, and some tallits come with a matching kippah. Tallits make the perfect bar mitzvah gift or bat mitzvah gift, as according to the Jewish custom, this is the first time for a child to wear a tallit.

Add a special touch to every prayer with a high quality designer tallit!