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At jJudaica kipa shop, we have a large range of yamakas for sale to suit every taste, simcha and Jewish event. But first, what is a kippah? The kippah ( also known as the Jewish skullcap) is a traditional Jewish head covering that is worn to show respect for God. AKA scull cap, a yamaka and a yarmulke. In our range of traditional kippot for sale there are high quality hand knitted kippot in blue, black, gray and white designs. Among our range of yarmulkes we have kids kippot that are perfect for children, sports kippahs that feature many of your favorite sporting teams, and unique yamakas - these kippot have designs with well loved cartoon characters and popular music bands. The kids kippot we have at jJudaica make wearing a kippah fun. These kippahs feature designs with children's favorite cartoon characters like the Simpsons, the Family Guy and Batman. Our sports kippot range has a large variety of hand crocheted kippahs with designs for all your favorite sporting teams. With kippahs for NFL, NBA, NBL, and ice hockey, there is no better way to show everyone who your favorite team is, than with a sporty kippah. Popular designs include a New York Yankees kippah, a Chicago Bulls kippah and a Manchester United yarmulke. In our range of unique yamakas we have kippot for popular musical bands such as a Metallica kippah and a Rolling Stones yamakah. These kippot also feature fun Israeli designs such as the IDF kippah and 'Don't worry be Jewish' yamakahs. If you need to buy bulk kippot at jJudaica we are here to help you. We have a range of bulk yarmulkes that are perfect for gifts and keepsakes at Jewish weddings and bar mitzvahs, so your guests can remember the simcha. We will help you create the perfect personalized kippah with the names and date or other details that you want to include on the kippah. You can be sure to find the perfect kippah here at our kipa store, whether you need a gift for Dad, a bar mitzvah present or a custom kippah, we have what you are looking for!