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Kaballah River & Hamsa Kiddush Cup

This Unique Kaballa River Kiddush Cup is decorated with brightly jeweled hamsas. The inside of the kidush cup is engraved with 64 names from kabbalah. This kiddush would make the perfect wedding gift.

  • Kiddush Cup size: 4.3" x 4.7" / 12cm x 11cm 

  • Kiddush Cup Colors: Gold, Silver

  • Kiddush Cup Features: Plain 24K Gold & Silver plated

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Designed in Israel, this is a unique kiddush cup. The outside of the kiddush cup is silver plated and is decorated with colorful jeweled Hamsas. The inside of the cup is 24K gold plated. The special feature of this kiddush cup is the 64 kabbalistic names that are engraved in the inside of the cup. The 64 words are taken from kabbalah and come from the four rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden. According to kabbalistic tradition whoever drinks from this cup will be given the secrets and blessing of healing from any sickness and infertility.

  • Gold 24K and Silver Plated
  • Kiddush Cup Size: 3" x 4.7" / 8cm x 12cm
  • Kiddush Cup Colors: Silver and Gold
  • Kiddush Cup Features: 64 names from Kabbalah, engraved on the inside of the cup and hamsas with colorful crystals. 
  • Designed in Israel

Additional Information

Material Gold Plated, Silver Plated
Design for Config Hamsa
Weight-Product No
Size No
Measures 4.3" x 4.7" / 12cm x 11cm
Brand Other

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