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Washing Cups

At jJudaica we stock an attractive range of netilat yadayim cups that are used for the Jewish hand washing ritual.

According to Jewish law it is a mitzvah to ritually wash the hands in certain situations, and within the Jewish home it is customary to wash hands before meals and after using the bathroom. A netliat yadayim cup is specially made for this mitzvah of handwashing. A Jewish hand washing cup is a large cup with two handles that allows a person to pour water alternately over each hand.

Our netilat yadayim cups are made in Israel by designers such as Yair Emanuel and Ronit Akavia. The Yair Emanuel Hand Washing cupsare made from wood and hand painted with colorful designs. They are sealed with three coats of lacquer to ensure durability. The hand washing cups by Ronit Akavia have a unique look that is made from resin, with colorful flower petals set inside.

Mayim Achronim

There is a special Jewish custom in some communities to wash the tips of the fingers after eating a meal, this is called mayim achronim: the after waters". In this ceremony a mayim achronim set is passed around the table for people to wash their finger tips

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5 Item(s)