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Pewter Pomegranate Spice Box

This Pewter Pomegranate Spice Box is a stunning little box to stash your spices and nice scents. This is perfect to use for the Havdalah ceremony, when making a blessing on a fragrant scent. It can also be used during Rosh Hashanah, a holiday where the pomegranate is a central symbol. This treasure of a spice box, by Danon, is truly a wonderful decorative piece.

  • Spice Box Size: 4" x 2.7" / 10.5cm x 7cm  

  • Spice Box Colors: Pewter, Red 

  • Spice Box Features: Pewter Pomegranate design with red beads.

  • This Jewish Spice Box is made In Israel

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This pewter spice box is both decorative and functional. Made from pewter and red glass beads, the pomegranate design created by Danon, will add a special touch to Havdallah; as a spice box and to Rosh Hashanah; as the pomegranate is a symbol of this holiday of the Jewish new Year.

The Hebrew words for the prayer on fragrant scents "Bore Miene Besamim" is beautifully engraved on the spice box.

This is the perfect gift for a Jewish wedding of for a warming gift party.

Additional Information

Material Pewter
Design for Config Pomegranate
Weight-Product No
Size Regular
Measures 4" x 2.7" / 10.5cm x 7cm
Brand jJudaica

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