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In modern times the menorah is most commonly associated with Hanukkah: the festival of light, but the origins of the Jewish menorahcome from the times of the Jewish temple, where it was used as a ritual candlestick.

The seven branched menorah is based on the candlestick used in the Jewish temple. At jJudaica we have a range of seven branched menorahs that are the perfect Jewish gift to decorate the home.

The Hanukkah menorah is at the center of Chanukah celebrations and it is used to light the Hanukkah candles. Each Hanukkah menorah has a place for eight candles, one for each night of Hanukkah, and a place for the shamash; the candle used to light the new Chanukah candles each night.

When it comes to choosing a menorah for Chanukkah, the only limitation is your imagination. At jJudaica we have a large range of Hanukah menorahs. There are menorahs that are suitable for lighting with candles or oil. There are ornate sterling silver menorahs from Israeli Hadad brothers, and other silver menorahs that incorporate Jewish symbols, of Jerusalem and the Star of David into their design. Continue the Hanukkah tradition with a historical replica menorah from the Israel Museum. Travel Menorahs also make it possible to light Hanukkah candles where ever you go.

A beautiful range of children's menorahs will bring to life lighting the menorah candles. In the children's range there are whimsical menorahs with moving parts, Chanukah menorahs with inventive candle storage and wooden menorahs that fit together like a puzzle.

Hanukkah menorah is the perfect Chanukah gift for the holiday of light. Share the light and warmth of the Hanukkah candles with a beautiful menorah. Happy Hanukkah!

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7 Item(s)