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German Hanukkah Menorah Replica

This menorah recreated by the Israel Museum is a replica of a 15th-16th century German Hanukkah menorah. A lone soldier stands guard of the shamash at the top of the menorah.  This menorah is not only suitable to light Hanukkah candles, it will also be a beautiful decorative feature in the home. Continue the Hanukkah tradition with this historical menorah!

  • Menorah Size: Height: 7.1" / 18 cm Width: 13" / 33 cm

  • Menorah Features: 15th-16th German Hanukkah menorah, made of brass.


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This brass menorah is a replica of a 15th-16th century German Hanukkah menorah.

This unique menorah has a lone soldier guarding the shamash (the light that is used to light all of the Hanukkah candles). The menorah is made of brass that is polished to a high sheen, and the back plate of the menorah features a wheel design that is believe to have derived from the coat-of arms of a family in Osnabruck, Germany in the 14th century. The presence of Jews in this area  of Germany has been traced back as early as the 13th century, perhaps even earlier.

This menorah is a certified authentic replica from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and comes complete with certification and small description of its historical background in English and Hebrew. 





Additional Information

Material Brass
Design for Config Menorah
Weight-Product No
Size No
Measures Height: 7.1" / 18 cm Width: 13" / 33 cm
Brand Israel Museum Shop

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