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Kiddush Fountains

At our online judaica store we have a beautiful range of Kiddush Fountains.

kiddush fountain is traditionally used to make kiddush for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. When the ceremony of kiddush is made with the blessing over the wine, the wine is poured into the top of the fountain. Everyone will be captivated as the wine trickles down through the kiddush fountain filling each kiddush cup, for everyone to drink.

At jJudaica we have two styles of wine fountains for sale. The silver kiddush fountains are embossed with beautiful designs of the Holy city of Jerusalem and grape vines. These silver plated kiddush fountains are available with six or eight kiddush cups.The wooden kiddush fountains are made by Israeli designer Yair Emanuel, and feature bright hand painted designs. These designs include the seven species of Israel and the holy City of Jerusalem and come with eight matching kiddush cups.

Make the mitzvah of kiddush beautiful and captivating with a kiddush fountain set.


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