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Havdalah Sets

In our Judaica store we have a beautiful range of Havdalah sets that are perfect for the Jewish Havdalah service.

At the end of Shabbat there is a special ceremony called Havdalah that escorts Shabbat until the coming week. It is a ceremony that separates between the time of Shabbat and the rest of the week, essentially it separates between holy and profane.

Havdalah set is the perfect piece of Judaica for making Havdalah. In a havdalah set there is a kiddush cup, a havdalah spice box and ahavdalah candle holder. All of our havdalah sets come with matching plates. To make havdalah wine is poured into the kiddush cup and the havdalah candle is lit. Blessings are said over the wine, the spices and the light of the candle, and then the final havdalah blessing is said, thanking God for Shabbat and for the coming week.

At jJudaica we stock a range of handmade Havdalah candles that are made by Shekel, an organization in Jerusalem that employs people with disabilities. These handmade havdalah candles are beautifully made from a range of colorful waxes and they have multiple wicks, which makes them perfect for the mitzvah of Havdalah. Each candle is also embossed with the words Shavuah Tov" the Hebrew blessing for a good week.

We have a variety of havdalah sets that are made from ceramic with traditional Jerusalem designs

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)