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The hamsa is a traditional Jewish symbol that is used for protection against the evil eye.

The symbol of the hamsa hand is said to be a good luck charm - segulah that can ward off the bad energy of the evil eye with an open hand.The hamsa is traditionally hung in the home and can feature other Jewish symbols such as the 'good eye' and the Jewish Star of David, and some are inscribed with the Jewish home blessing.

At jJudaica we have a range of beautifully decorated hamsa hands that will suit every home decor. We have a range of hand made stained glass hamsas that are hand made in Israel. These feature stunning colorful glass pieces and colorful stones and  home blessings. From the Israeli designer Yair Emanuel there are hand painted hamsas made from wood and metal and beautifully embroidered hamsas. For a hamsa with a unique touch we have a silver plated hamsa that features a home blessing and Shabbat candlesticks.

If you are looking for a gift for a new home, our hamsas make the perfect house warming gift. Protect your home and family with the hamsa - a traditional Jewish symbol of protection.

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6 Item(s)