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Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of lights. This holiday that lasts for eight nights is celebrated by lighting the Hanukkah menorah, playing the dreidel game and eating latkes.

The holiday of Hanukkah is a commemoration of when the small army of Maccabees defeated the Greek army and succeeded in rededicating the Holy Temple and lighting the menorah. When the menorah was lit there was only enough oil to last for one night, but the oil burned for eight nights, and so on Hanukkah, we light a Chanukah menorah for eight nights.

In our online judaica store we have a large selection of Hanukkah menorahs to suit every style and budget. We have a range of traditional Hanukkah menorahs that are made from sterling silver by the Hadad brothers. These high quality silver menorahs will become a family heirloom. Next there is a range of silver plated Hanukkah menorahs that still have a traditional design, but are more moderately priced.

From the Israel Museum Shop there are a range of Hanukkah menorahs that are replicas of menorahs from Jewish communities in the 18th century. We also have a range of Childrens Hanukkah menorahs, which make lighting the Chanukah candles fun for the whole family. Contemporary menorahs by the designer Yair Emanuel are made from anodized aluminum and feature streamline designs, and innovative candle storage.

When it comes to playing the dreidel game, we have a beautiful selection of hand painted dreidels that are perfect for playing dreidel, or can be used as an ornament. They feature designs for the whole family such as the Holy city of Jerusalem, and Noah's Ark.

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