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Glass Kiddush Cup

This unique glass Kiddush Cup is engraved with the spirit of the Holy City of Jerusalem. This kiddush cup itself is made of strong, beautiful glass and has an elegant wine glass shape. Bring the power of the land of Zion and the city of our heritage into your home every time you make kiddush and bless your wine on Shabbat and holidays!

  • Kiddush Cup Set Size: 4" x 7.4" / 10cm x 19cm

  • Kiddush Cup Colors: Glass, Pewter

  • Kiddush Cup Features: Kiddush Blessing, Jerusalem

  • Made in Israel by Danon

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This unique kiddush cup set, made by Danon in Israel is perfect for Kiddush on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.

The glass comes with a intricate pewter coaster, that has the Jewish blessing for wine, in Hebrew, elegantly written on it. Bordering the coaster is an intricate display of Jerusalem, in all its beautiful, antique splendor. 

Additional Information

Material Glass, Pewter
Design for Config Jerusalem
Weight-Product No
Size Regular
Measures 4" x 7.4" / 10cm x 19cm
Brand Danon

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