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Fitted Hanukkah Menorah - Noah's Ark Design

This fun Hanukkah Menorah is made of nine sections that can be moved and changed! When assembled the menorah shows a beautiful vibrant scene of Noah's Ark, with the animals, Noah and his ark and a beautiful rainbow. The menorah is designed to be moved and changed like a puzzle, and you can add a new piece for each night of Hanukkah! Made in Israel by Yair Emanuel, this is a charming Hanukkah Menorah, that will add to the joy of this holiday!

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This Hanukkah menorah is made in Israel by Yair Emanuel. Crafted from wood, with brass candle settings, each piece of the fitted menorah is hand painted with the story of Noah's ark. The pieces of the menorah can be moved, and added to with each Hanukkah candle. It s is highly functional and is coated with three coats of lacquer. If required this piece may be hand washed. Bring the light and celebration of Hanukkah into your home with this charming Menorah!

Additional Information

Material Brass, Hand Painted, Wood
Design for Config BibleStories
Weight-Product No
Size Regular
Measures 12.5" x 4.5" x 1.6"
Brand Yair Emanuel

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