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Challah Cover - Hand Embroidered with Seven Species Design

Hand Embroidered Challah Cover with Seven Species Design. This challah cover will be a beautiful adornment for your Sabbath Table! Made in Israel by designer Yair Emanuel, this challah cover is hand embroidered with various colors of silk, gold and silver threads.
Size 20"x16"

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Beautifully made, this hand embroidered challah cover will add a lovely touch to your Sabbath and Holiday table. The design shows the seven species of Israel: grapes, barley, wheat, figs, pomegranates, dates and olives. Made from raw cotton in Israel, the seven species design is embroidered in gold, silver, red, purple and green.

Additional Information

Material Embroidered, Hand Embroidered
Brand Yair Emanuel
Design for Config Seven Species
Measures 20" x 16"

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