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Information About Challah Covers

At jJudaica we have a stunning range of challah covers to make the Shabbat Table beautiful!

challah cover is traditionally used on the Shabbat table and the table for Jewish holidays, to cover the braided challah loaves. To prepare for Shabbat two loaves of challah are placed on the challah board on the table. These two loaves of challah are symbolic of the special showbreads in the Holy Temple. The challah is then covered for Kiddush and when it is time to make the blessing over the bread, hands are washed, the challah is blessed and everyone partakes of the challah.

The are a number of reasons for covering the two loaves of challah bread with a challah cover and these are based on midrash - Jewish folk law. The first reason to cover the challah is that when God led the people through the desert and provided them with mana, the mana was covered with a layer of dew, and the challah cover is symbolic of this. So the challah cover reminds us of how God sustained the children of Israel in the desert. The second reason is that kiddush over the wine is always made before the blessing for challah. In the case that the challah loaves would be "embarresed" we cover the breads with a challah cover.

At jJudaica we have a beautiful range of challah covers that are made in Israel by Israeli designers. If you are looking for a Yair Emanuel challah cover there is a range of raw silk challah covershand embroidered challah covers, painted silk challah covers, and machine embroidered silk challah covers. From the designer Rikmat Elimelech there are a range of beautiful hand embroidered challah covers that use vibrant colors.

If your  are looking for a challah cover, we have challah covers in a range of styles to suit all tastes.  From traditional Shabbat designs, to the Seven Species of Israel, to Jerusalem panoramas, there is a challah cover to suit every decor.

challah cover makes the perfect gift for a Jewish wedding and it can be brought with a matching challah board and kiddush cup. So we invite you to browse our large range of high quality challah covers that are made in Israel.

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