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  9. Hamsa (16)
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Information About Israeli Designers and Israeli Artists

In our online judaica store we are proud to present you with a range of judaica made by a number of Israeli designers and Israeli artists.

The Hadad Brothers of Israel produce a range of stunning judaica such as kiddush cupsShabbat candlesticks and Hannukah menorahs that are made from pure 925 sterling silver. These high quality silver products are hand crafted and incorporate traditional and modern designs. Each piece of silver judaica made by the Hadad Brothers is a work of art and it will be an heirloom in the family for generations to come.

Shekel is a non profit organization that seeks to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Based in Jerusalem, Shekel enables people with disabilities to become an integral part of the community and it aims to improve their quality of living. At jJudaica we sell a beautiful range of havdalah candles produced by Shekel. These havdalah candles are perfect for the ceremony of Havdalah to mark the end of Shabbat. The candles are made from colorful wax and are embossed with the words "Shavuah tov" - the Jewish blessing for the new week.

Yair Emanuel Judaica is a beautiful range of judaica produced by the Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. We stock a large range of judaica made in Israel by Yair Emanuel. The judaica produced by Yair Emanuel is well known for its luxurious fabrics, such as raw silk tallits and embroidered silk Challah covers. He also produces a beautiful range of hand painted kiddush cups, challah boards, seder plates, mezuzahs, and hand washing cups that are made from wood and metal. When it comes to a unique piece of judaica, Yair Emanuel is known for his vibrant colors and creative designs.

Adina Plastelina Jewelry is an Israeli jewelry company that create stunning colorful pieces of jewelry using the Milifiori technique. Each piece of jewelry is made with polymer clay, using a time consuming technique that artisitcally blends colors which are then set in sterling silver or gold field.  Designs of jewelry produced by Adina Plastelina draw inspiration from nature and from Jewish symbols such as the hamsa and the Star of David. Choose from a range pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Adaya Jewelry  is an Israeli designer that produces a range of beautiful hand crafted Jewish jewelry, using a combination of colorful glass beads and sterling silver.

Noah Tripp Jewelry is an Israeli artist that produces high quality jewelry made from 925 sterling silver and gold plate. Each piece of Jewelry created by Noah trip is hand crafted from the finest materials to create a range of stunning necklaces, earrings and rings.

So when it comes to buying an Israeli designed gift, at jJudaica we have a stunning range of judaica and Jewish jewelry that is produced by Israeli designers and artists in Israel.


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